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Are there any Washington state or Bellevue city rebates for replacing my old windows?

Are there any Washington state or Bellevue city rebates for replacing my old windows?
By BettyLoucal May 11, 2018


Yes. Every year for quite a few years now, city funds are put towards rebates on window replacements. Window manufacturers, too, offer rebates, over and about the contract you might have with your preferred window and door installation professional. There are some stipulations, however. Not every window type gets the rebate, and not every house is eligible. Cities don’t like to part with cash, so you usually have to make a good case. Your installation company will guide you through what’s possible, as it is definitely in their interest to give you every advantage you can have to do a deal with them. They will also know what specific rebates are available through the manufacturers they in particular work with.

Why would a city give a rebate on the purchase of window or door products?

This is a great question. The city giving away money so that you improve your home? Sounds too good to be true. Well, there are definite advantages to all people living in a city where homes are maintained in good order, energy is not wasted, and small businesses are supported in their efforts to offer attractive deals to their customers.

  • Energy is not wasted: Most energy companies the average citizen has to work with are non-profit organizations. They’re not trying to simply “make a buck” but rather, to provide a service at reasonable cost, reliably, and for the greater good of the city, broadly speaking. Keeping energy consumption at optimal levels means not having to generate so much of it in the first place. And any way to reduce the spikes in needed energy levels means their point of greatest need – which is how the infrastructure needs to be built – is reduced, and less infrastructure is needed, even if they reduce that spike by a tiny bit. So, it’s in everyone’s interests that energy is not wasted. It saves all of us money in the long run.

  • Money is spent elsewhere in the local economy: Consumers why are crucified by huge utility bills will, very often anyway, have less money to spend in the supermarket, school books, gas and everything else that is needed by the average family. Wasting money on heating – or cooling – a home because of faulty windows has no net benefit, but the money is gone nonetheless.

  • An efficient city is more attractive: Think of a city as a type of very large family. The more the city keeps things in order, the more attractive it is to live there, and for businesses to move in and do business there. That’s because the business owners, their employees and their customers are all attracted to be better run community. This can be seen everywhere you look. Money spent on a police force make the place safer, money spent on road maintenance, traffic lights, sidewalk, parks and water provision are all ways in which a city raises the quality of life for everyone.

How do window or door installation rebates work?

The key difference between a rebate and say, a discount, is that a rebate is largely independent of the deal you are getting from your local installation company. Let’s say, for example, you were about to sign a contract for $20,000 for all the windows in your house to be replaced. The installation company is looking to make a profit, naturally, and so, they come up with a simple calculation. Cost of doing the work, including labor, hardware, and everything from insurance and taxes, as well as consideration of fixed business overhead, plus some profit, to come up with a ‘bid’ for the project. You, the consumer, look at this number and consider also the rebate you know you will get from the city of Seattle. Let’s say that was $2,000. This means that your project really costs $18,000, you could say. The installation company might even know you are applying for the rebate, although they may be involved in providing the necessary confirmation that the work was actually done, of course! But for the installation company, your rebate is between you and your city or other establishment. It doesn’t affect them, other that perhaps to effectively increase your available budget, or simply to incentivize you to start the project.

A rebate doesn’t eat into the profit of the window or door installation company. A discount, however, is a different story. Let’s imagine the window installation company were going to make a profit of say $2,000 on the $20,000 project described above. If they were to offer you a $500 discount – which is a mere 2.5% discount – their profit would be reduced by a whopping 25%. And that’s assuming nothing happens to raise the cost of everything mid-project, further eating or perhaps eliminating their profit completely. This is why any window or door installation company will definitely prefer a customer to take advantage of a rebate. They will likely be very keen on helping you find each and every rebate available to you. Ultimately, that rebate becomes available to them because it often ends up becoming part of a customer’s budget. Without a rebate, the customer may opt for, say, double glazing; With the the rebate, they may be able to opt for triple glazing or simply the next level up in the product catalog.

What rebates are available today?

By the time you read this, the rebate landscape may have changed, so I won’t try to fix this down with a simple answer. I will say that an easy search in Google such as what rebates are there for window installation in bellevue? should give you options to explore quickly.

Some rebates are local, such as from cities, counties or even the state. Other rebates are from manufacturers, keen to help their resellers’ customer close the deal. And yet other rebates might come from the Federal Government. Search before you commit. If you have already installed your windows and/or doors, you may still be able to fish out a rebate somewhere, although as far as I have seen, you need to have it sorted out well before the work begins. Talk with your preferred window and/or door installer and they will help you through it. It’s in their interests to do so.



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