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Should I replace the doors at the same time as replacing the windows of my Beacon Hill home?

Should I replace the doors at the same time as replacing the windows of my Beacon Hill home?
Should I replace the doors at the same time as replacing the windows of my Beacon Hill home?
By BettyLoucal Jan 06, 2018


Anytime an improvement is made to a home – either inside or outside – it can make the surrounding ares a bit grubby. That’s one reason for doing all of the exterior of a home at the same time, although not everyone has the cash to drop on a complete and large project like that. Most of us have to keep our home on a path of continuous improvement, spreading the cost over time.

Another factor is, you can get good discounts from providers when you add more elements to the project. For a contractor who does both windows and doors, working on a project that includes both means they have only one bid to prepare, and a single set of visits to prepare for the project. What’s more, it’s easier to have more people working on the project because some are working on the door(s) and others are working on the windows.

Finally, there is always a cost saving when exterior jobs are taken on during the winter. A house painter won’t – or rather, would be unwise to – paint a house’s exterior during the winter, because paint and moisture don’t mix. But a roofer, a windows installation company or even a deck installer can do the work all year long. However, many home owners prefer not to have a windows project going on during inclement seasons, and so, they wait until the spring or summer, when it doesn’t matter much that their front door has been removed and for hours, there is a gaping hole there until the new door is installed and sealed. It’s a bit of an inconvenience for the home owner, but many contractors know that a winter project is precious. Because demand has dropped off, their workers might have to be let go or their hours limited. Replacing those workers when the weather improves can be difficult, and workers who know that they might be let go again the following winter are more likely to look for work in a company that operates year round. What does all this mean? It means that you might secure a good discount working a windows and doors project over the winter, especially in January and February.

Another way round the cost issue might be, to book and agree upon the entire project, but only do the windows this year, and the doors the next. Agree on a good price up-front of course, but spread the cost over two years.

Some vendors will connect you with a credit agency as a means to get all of the work done now, but pay for it over time. And other homeowners prefer to get their own loan and pay for the job with cash. My own parents, I remember well, relied heavily of the local credit union to secure loans for their various home projects. My father had a fixed income as a government employee – which, on the other hand, made for a predictable and reliable income – so it was easy to get a loan. But even the smallest kitchen project required credit to be sought, as they had a whopping seven children to feed, and there was never extra money just floating around. Every penny was used and accounted for.

Whether you go for the whole project at once or not, using the same vendor is often wise from the point of view that they style can be consistent across both areas. It’s great to have matching manufacturers’ products. It makes the house look better, obviously, and therefore helps maximize the overall value of it.

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