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4 Ways to Increase Your Curb Appeal

4 Ways to Increase Your Curb Appeal
By johncal Mar 11, 2019

Curb appeal is everything. Even Mercer Island, WA replacement windows will only do so much. If you want to sell your home expeditiously, you need to do your part. That means making your home as appealing as possible.  
That starts with curb appeal. Think about your house as though it’s an attractive man or woman. What’s on the inside is what’s most important. However, the exterior provides the initial attraction. No one wants to look inside a home with an ugly facade unless they’re thinking about flipping it or performing extensive renovations.  
Most homeowners aren’t interested in doing so much work. You’ll fare better if the house appears ready.  
Here are five things you can do to pump up the appeal.  
1. Take Care of the Yard  
If you have grass in your front yard, make sure that it’s well cared for and maintained. Dead grass is very distracting. Keeping your lawn in great condition is an easy way to make your home more attractive.  
In addition to taking care of the plant life, you should also make sure that there’s no trash littering the yard. If you want to really make your yard look special, you can try planting a garden. Just be aware, it takes a fair amount of work.  
2. Paint the Walls 
Old, peeling paint is very distracting. The outside of your home needs to be cared for as carefully as the iinteriors. You may need to hire a professional house painter to help you. Painting the outside if a home is more complicated than it appears.  
In addition to your walls, you should also paint your window shutters, your gate, etc. Anything that appears a little lackluster. You shouldn’t have to do it very often. A modern, skilled paint job should last a very long time.  
3. Upgrade the Windows  
Dirty windows will detract from your home’s value. You may need to clean them or you may need to replace them entirely. Either way, it has to be done. There are also other little ways that you can dress up your windows. For example, you can update your shutters or plant a windowsill garden.  
4. Add a Swing  
A porch swing is a classic way to add charm and warmth to your front porch. It’s a very comfortable place to sit and enjoy nature. There’s something very satisfying about sitting on your own property watching the day go by.  
A great porch swing is also very affordable. You can find one that suits your aesthetic demands. You may have to check the rules of your homeowner’s association. They can be very particular about what’s allowed to go on your property. Porch swings are usually allowed.  
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