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5 Spring Cleaning Ideas You’ll Love

5 Spring Cleaning Ideas You’ll Love
By johncal Nov 07, 2019

The perfect replacement windows Seattle, WA can be achieved. You should think about your windows when you’re planning spring cleaning. This is different than your usual routine. You scrub harder, go deeper. Cleaning the baseboards doesn’t happen every day, but you’ll definitely want to do this when your spring cleaning.  
Are you thinking about organizing your home? It might be time for a big spring clean. Check out the tips below if you want your home to sparkle.  
1. Throw Out Clutter  
You don’t need all of the stuff that you have. That’s true of almost everyone. So, when it’s time to clean and organize your home, you should be able to throw an appreciable amount of things. If you don’t see a use for an item, don’t take it to your new home. You’ll just be creating a new cluttered mess that you’ll have to take care of.  
2. Pay Attention to Your Windows  
Your windows need as much attention as any other part of your home. Dull, dirty glass isn’t appealing. You should work until the glass is gleaming. Smaller windows that are used often should be cleaned weekly. Large picture windows that are never touched only need to be cleaned once or twice or year.  
If your windows are in terrible condition, you may need to replace them.  
3. Look in the Closet  
People naturally store things in their closets. You may have clothes, paperwork, and other items building up in your closet. All of the stuff that you don’t need and never touch should be thrown out. It’s very freeing. It’s also possible that looking into your closet lets you rediscover something you thought you’d lost.  
4. Put Away Toys  
If you have kids, you know that they can be whirlwinds. Your home can be strewn with toys in a minute. It’s difficult to keep. That’s why you should find designated places for the toys. It can be something as simple as a box placed in the child’s room.  
5. Fix Your Blinds and Drapes  
If your windows are covered by lackluster drapes or blinds, they won’t look as comfortable as they could. It’s astonishing how much the right drapes can set off a room. You can add color and depth with a small change. If you don’t like the end result, it’s fairly easy to make a change.  
Spring cleaning is a chance to become enchanted with your home. You’ll remember everything you love about your property. Improvement is always possible. Cleaning isn’t exactly fun, but the results make the hard work worth it.  Your home will look close to perfect.  
Before your next spring cleaning project, come up with a list of things you would like to change.  
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