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How to Add Life to Your Hallways

How to Add Life to Your Hallways
By johncal Apr 15, 2019

Your home is a work in progress. It requires constant maintenance to remain in good shape. For example, when you need a Renton, WA window replacement, taking care of it will make your home look significantly better.  
If you really want to make your home look amazing, you need to focus on every area. There are a lot of neglected spots that homeowners forget about. A good example is your hallways. Hallway space is almost never considered to be part of a home’s defining features. Yet gorgeous hallways can make your space feel very luxurious.  
The following tips can help you make your hallways stand out.  
1. Use Mirrors 
Large, beautiful mirrors will make your hallways appear larger and more impressive. It’s a common trick that interior designers constantly employ. It’s a good idea for people who are trying to redecorate their homes on a budget because you can find mirrors that are very reasonably priced.  
Add a smattering of small mirrors to achieve a dramatic effect.  
2. Windows 
A window at the end of your hallway can lengthen it and give the illusion of continuing forever. You can install a fresh window if you don’t have one there already, or you can replace your old one if you don’t like it. The cost is less than it seems because you’ll reap the rewards of having a house that you can feel proud of.  
You can also make the window look good by dressing it up. Clean glass, pretty curtains, etc.  
3. Add Lights 
Proper lighting is critical. Your hallway will automatically look dingy and poorly planned-out if it’s not well-light. The lights that were naturally put into the hallways by the builder may not be enough. There’s a very good chance that you may need to add more. Wall sconces and hanging lights are a good idea.  
4. Paint the Walls 
Painting your hallway a bright, cheerful color will make the space feel cozier. It’s also an easy renovation to complete. The limited space in the average hallway means that you won’t have to spend a lot of time actually painting.  
5. Use Art  
Placing picture frames on both sides of your wall can give your guests a claustrophobic feeling. It makes the hallway appear smaller and more confined. Select pictures hung on a single wall, however, can give you the effect that you want.  
If you’re not interested in using traditional artwork, you can use your own photos. Fun, candid snaps of family and friends will breathe life into your hallway.  
6. Add a Runner 
An aisle runner gives interest to your hallway. Unless you’re trying to create a bold look, you should stick with pretty, light colors.  
Renton, WA window replacement is a priority for most homeowners. At Everlast Window and Door, we understand this perfectly. That’s why our team prides itself on our work. You can visit our conveniently located showroom at 3829B S Edmunds St, Seattle, WA, 98118. You can also reach us by calling (206) 722-3303. 

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