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How to Choose the Best Window Design for Your Home

How to Choose the Best Window Design for Your Home
By johncal Oct 08, 2018


Upgrading your home’s windows can greatly alter your home’s appearance. However, before you get too deep into your search for Renton, WA, replacement windows, you should try to figure out what you want.  

The windows that look spectacular in your home might appear bland in your friend’s. Choosing the right window design is a very personal process. Should you allow more sunlight to intrude or should you try to block it out? Preferences vary and your goal should be satisfying your own.  

Read through the following design ideas and take note if something stands out.  

   1. Awnings  

These are hinged windows that swing outward. They’re often found in basements because they can help with ventilation. You can open the window on a wet day and the rain won’t make it inside.  

   2. Casement Windows 

Casement windows are similar to awnings in that they’re hinged. These windows, however, are hinged at the side and open like doors while awnings are hinged at the top. Some casement windows can be opened by applying slight pressure while others use a hand crank.   

   3. Single-hung Windows  

The bottom half of the window is free to move while the top part remains fixed. It’s a simple, popular design that’s popular across the globe.  

   4. Horizontal Sliders  

These windows are typically large and slide from left to right.  

   5. Bay & Bow Windows 

Bay and bow windows are incredibly popular. They’re composed of three or four windows joined at equal angles to form a curve. They can appear extremely impressive when placed in the right room.  

   6. Picture Window 

A picture window can be very striking. Installing picture windows is a great way to increase the natural light coming into your home. They’re less expensive than most designs and can fit with any architectural design.  

   7. Arched Windows 

Arched windows stand out. Like picture windows, they are intended for visual effect rather than ventilation. Many arched windows don’t open at all.  

  8. Egress Windows 

If you have a basement, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to install egress windows. They’re intended to provide a way out of the house if disaster strikes and you can’t make it to the front door. Ideally, however, you would have an egress window in every room of your home.  

   9. Skylights 

Adding skylights is a fantastic way to increase the natural light coming into your home. Skylight windows are installed in your roof. Their purpose is to provide a beautiful view and allow in sunlight.  

If you have a good idea about the type of design that appeals to you, it’s time to start putting your project into motion. Come see at Everlast Window and Door. Our highly professional staff would love to discuss your options with you.  

If you need Renton, WA, replacement windows, give us a call at 206-722-3303 to schedule a consultation. Our showroom is located at 3829B S Edmunds St Seattle, WA 98118.  


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