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Should You Repair Damaged Windows or Have Them Replaced?

Should You Repair Damaged Windows or Have Them Replaced?
By johncal Sep 17, 2018


Are you searching for replacement windows in Bellevue, WA? You might be wondering if your damaged windows can still be salvaged or if they need to be entirely replaced. A full window replacement will cost more money upfront but it might be the most cost-effective strategy long-term. Your energy bill will be smaller and you can recoup some of the installation costs from the sale if you ever put your home on the market.  

Rotting and decaying wood is a common problem. If your window frame is composed of solid wood, you’ll eventually have to deal with this. It’s possible that you can stop the damage before the frame is ruined if you notice it in time. The day that you see water between the panes is the day that you need to remove the window if you want to avoid rot.  

A professional can then help you with repairs.  

However, if the rot is too deep and widespread, the window may be unsalvageable.  

Deciding whether you want to repair or replace your windows mostly depends on your own preferences. However, sometimes a repair simply won’t be possible.  

There a lot of temporary home solutions can you turn to while you’re making your decision. For instance, weather stripping applied to the frame can help reduce drafts, one of the biggest problems that people are trying to fix when they upgrade their windows.  

Of course, the solution isn’t permanent. You’ll need to keep addressing the problem until you replace the window.  

A good reason for focusing on repairs rather than a replacement is because your home is older and still has its original windows. In this situation, a window replacement can actually devalue your house. Historic homes can almost be defined by their windows.  

This doesn’t mean that you should live with run-down windows. Instead, work with a skilled contractor who can do repairs.  

Older homes often have more issues than aging windows. Properties constructed before 1960 often used lead paint. Constantly opening and closing window sashes painted with lead paint can cause toxic paint chips to break off. If you do decide to have work done on the windows, you’ll need to speak to someone who’s been trained on how to work with lead paint.  

A full window replacement isn’t always necessary. Sometimes, the damage that you’re concerned about is so minor that it can easily be repaired. You might also shy away from fully replacing your windows if they’re historic.  

However, there are a lot of reasons why replacing your windows is a good idea. Your energy bill will shrink, the amount of natural light pouring into your home will increase, and you can entirely change your home’s aesthetic.  

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