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What Causes Foggy Windows?

Mercer Island, WA replacement windows
What Causes Foggy Windows?
By johncal Oct 01, 2018


Have you ever seen windows that became foggy or opaque? There are multiple causes of this phenomenon, and it can either be a quick fix or a major project to repair. One of the reasons people search for Mercer Island, WA replacement windows is because they’ve noticed condensation between the glass panes.

Keep reading to learn about the causes of foggy windows in the Puget Sound area.

Since 2009, the United States Board of Geographical Names has called the waters surrounding the Puget Sound area as the “Salish Sea”. It’s an intricate network of shallow waterways that dots the coast from Washington up into Canada. It defines the area and is basically the reason that any window becomes foggy around here: the water and the weather.

Even if you live inland, salt moisture from the Salish Sea drifts in hundreds of miles, covering the entire area with a continuous layer of water and salt vapor that never lifts. It’s actually quite healthy for human lungs, and the air quality is pretty good up here.

The modern window or door is made of dozens of different types of materials. From screws, metal clamps, epoxy and resins, and -well- who knows what? Different manufacturers use different composites. While every attempt is made to create the best possible windows and doors, the Salish Sea islands are one of the toughest environments for structures that there are! It rains all the time around here, and that continuous soaking down, and drying out plays havoc with building materials.

The two main causes of foggy windows:

Salt or material buildup – Small crystals of salt float through the air. When they come into contact with the smooth surface of the glass, they attach themselves to the glass. As other microscopic particles begin to accumulate, a thin film can begin to appear on the glass. This buildup can occur no matter where you live in the Mercer Island, WA area.

The best solution in this case, is to use a household cleaner like CLR. The Calcium – Lime – Rust matrix also includes salt buildup. Just use plenty of water and don’t let any chemicals dry on the surface of your windows, as this could damage the sills.

Interior Leak – Modern windows, especially double paned windows, usually have some sort of inert gas or aerogel within the panes. This material provides insulation and sound protection. It’s completely transparent but it’s not the same thing as regular air. There isn’t any water vapor in it, and it may be injected at a slight pressure to help hold out the window panes.

When there is a leak from these paned windows, water and dirt can get into the space between the glass panes, and cause a foggy buildup. Typically, this type of damage will call for the replacement of the window. What you know for sure, is that the seals around the glass are broken somewhere. It generally can’t be repaired.

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