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What to Look for in New Home

What to Look for in New Home
By johncal Feb 11, 2019


Your Mercer Island, WA window replacement options critical. Old or misshapen windows will decrease your enjoy in a home. They will also have an effect on a home’s value. You should take a close look at a home’s windows before you decide to buy it.  




One of the most important factors in a new home is its location. If you don’t like the neighborhood, you probably won’t like living in the home. A lot of your happiness with the property is dependent on the surroundings.  


You have to consider how close the house is to your work. A long commute is extremely draining. Do you really want to spend an hour or more each way sitting in a car? For some people, it’s worth it. They live in an inexpensive suburb and commute to the expensive city center.  


You should know if you’re willing to commute before you start looking.  


It’s also a good idea to take a look at what’s close to the house. Is there a grocery store nearby? An entertainment center? Some areas are car-centric. Others, public transportation is reliable and strong.  




Think about the size of your family. Your new home should be the right size to fit everyone comfortably. This may be obvious when your family is complete. But you also have to think about this if you’re planning to have children.  


If you know that you would like to have a lot of kids, it doesn’t make sense to buy a tiny one-bedroom cottage. Think ahead.  


It can be tempting to buy a bigger house than you need. A large property looks very impressive. Yet, you should try to fight this urge.  




A house is like a dating partner. You need to be satisfied with its appearance. That includes everything. The walls, the floors, the doors, etc. If you don’t like the way that a property looks now but you feel as though it has potential, you can buy it as a fixer-upper. Remember that those renovations will add to the cost. 


Of course, you shouldn’t overestimate the importance of a property’s appearance either. That’s because it’s very changeable. For instance, are you not a fan of the wall color? You could repaint them in a day.  


It’s the same with floors. Unless you have an unlimited budget, you should look at potential new homes with an open eye. Otherwise, you may be sorely tempted to buy a property that’s outside of your budget. This is a bad idea. Too much debt can destroy you.  


Buying a new house is a huge moment in your life. It’s a sign of success. It’s been the American dream to be a homeowner for a very long time. It’s what the system was built on.  


The whole team at Everlast Window and Door would love to work with you on your next renovation project. We’re the most reliable Mercer Island, WA window replacement choice. We’re conveniently located at 3829B S Edmunds St, Seattle, WA, 98118. We can also be reached at (206) 722-3303. Give us a call today and schedule an appointment.  


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